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Become A Contributor

The Editorial Team behind mynewswire is the reason why the website has become the trusted source for not just news reports but also the valuable perspectives that we express. However, we do not believe that there should be a closed group for reporting valuable content and interesting reports. So, if you are an enthusiastic writer who has a taste for journalism and reporting, you are welcome to join the mynewswire team as soon as you can. However, there are a few things that you should consider.

First of all, MyNews Wire is looking for writers who are actually interested in writing and reporting. The person is expected to have a good command over not just the English language but also the areas he/she is writing on. As you might have noticed,
MyNews Wire publishes in categories such as Technolgy, Health, Science as well as Business. That having said, there may be some reports that require further research and a hybrid writing style. Apart from all these, there are some general guidelines that the contributor should follow when he or she is writing an article for MyNews Wire .

At MyNews Wire , we believe that article quality is something important. So, we would not accept the article if it has low quality compared to the news reports we publish regularly.
High-quality articles do not mean that there should be the use of high-diction. The contributor must have the ability to blend quality language without using non-understandable words more often. The idea is to create a blend of readability and high-quality language command.
There should be no grammatical errors in the article, in the case of which the article would not be taken for publish into Contributors of MyNews Wire should be concerned about the sources they use. We recommend using sources that are trusted and properly cited. Articles without proper source would not be accepted by the site.