Isabel Cela recalled for her part, was a draft that the Government

The absence of which is recognized to be generating great educational inequality, guarantees the maintenance of the canteen service, which some communities had considered removing. And it commits the ministry and the autonomous communities that signed it to finance cooperation plans aimed at “the recovery of the student groups that have suffered the most difficulties” from the school closure.

Instead, the communities have refused to take on the plan prepared by the Government so that this face-to-face return is possible and safe. This protocol established that from the fifth grade on, students would have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in classrooms, and that those in lower grades would form watertight groups, which would not have to maintain separation, but would be a maximum of 20 students, among other measures.

The announcement, on Wednesday, of the protocol prepared by Education and Health, generated discomfort in most communities, of both political signs, considering that it was too detailed and seemed to take for granted aspects that they have not yet decided. The autonomies have the exclusive competence in the organization of the course.

This document, the Minister of Education, Isabel Cela recalled for her part, was a draft that the Government put on the table for the communities to make contributions with the aim of trying to reach a “consensual strategy”. On the 26 pages of the text sent to the communities on Wednesday, she wrote “draft” in large letters.

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