Basque Country have reached an agreement this Thursday

The Ministry of Education and 15 autonomous communities all except Madrid and the Basque Country have reached an agreement this Thursday in which they undertake to make “all the necessary efforts to ensure the face-to-face modality in all the education, levels and educational stages” from September. Only a month ago the option being considered was to alternate face-to-face and distance teaching.

The consensus on the merits of the matter is actually greater, since the Basque Country has agreed with the content of the text negotiated at the Sectorial Conference on Education, but has refused to sign it due to a question of competences. Catalonia has done so, although its Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló, stressed that it did so whenever it was considered a guiding document.

The pact has been clouded by the rejection of all the autonomies to a second document: the plan of hygienic and sanitary measures for a safe return to the classrooms prepared by the ministries of Health and Education presented 24 hours earlier .

The autonomies have ruled out applying it and have decided to park the issue to continue negotiating on the matter in the coming weeks. The biggest obstacle in the document, with which the ministry wanted to achieve a “consensual strategy”, was the limits that it establishes to the number of students per classroom (up to fourth grade) and on safety distance.

The agreement that the 15 communities did reach sets the general lines of how the next course should be. It does not go deep, but it does establish some important elements. In addition to attendance.

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