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Boris Johnson in the front race to succeed Theresa May as the next British PM

Written by Sara Ingalls

The race for the next Prime Minister of UK has begun. And the person who seems to be at the forefront is Boris Johnson. He has secured his position in the forefront by getting the highest number of votes in the very first of a round of the leadership poll which was conducted.

The Cabinet Minister received a close of around 114 votes, in the first ever round of the secret ballot, which was held in the House of the Commons.

The next in the running is the UK foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt who scored the second place with the number 43 followed by the environment secretary Michael Gove in the next line followed by 37 votes.

The candidates who could not hold enough to be in the running were, Mark Harper, Andrea Leadsom and Esther McVey. They were not able to secure a minimum of even 17 votes.

SO why is there at all a new election of the Prime Minister?

During Theresa’s May tenure she failed to take the appropriate measure on the most important policy of Brexit. The Voters of the UK had backed the membership at that time, for ending of the European Union in June 2016. Later the plan was revealed that how would Brexit finally take place. An agreement which was made between the UK and the EU as planned.

But most of the conservative PM’s could not agree on the deal and they resigned putting the former PM in a loop.

Further, there were no measures taken to take the Brexit deal forward. There was extremely heavy criticism and subsequently, the Brexit deal was rejected on 3 separate occasions. So the race for the next Prime Minister has already begun with Johnson in the forefront and leading the way.

He is a well known political figure in the UK, and a former foreign secretary and the Mayor of London.

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