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Latest Chrome Update Allows You To Use Keyboard Media Keys

Keyboard’s media buttons are there from a long period of time but were of little use to the users.


The media keys provide shortcuts for users to control their media, suchlike pausing/playing a song, however the only they only worked with apps and not websites.


To users delight, Google has recently released the update for Chrome browser and will now support PC’s media keys.


That means you will not need to go to the video to pause while watching on YouTube, media keys can be used. Further, while you watch videos on the web, you will be able to control its playback using those media keys if you choose to.


The update on Mac, Windows or Chrome OS system will let you pause a web video even when the browser is in the background.


However, this could be causing problems if you leave a media app like VLC, iTunes, open, interfering with the controls.


Apart from that, its completely delightful if you treat YouTube as a jukebox or prefer to work on the PC with your playlist running.


The updated Chrome 73 is available now and more features might be introduced in the near future.

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