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UK Start Trials For Debit Card With Built-in Fingerprint Reader

British bank NatWest is experimenting with payment method technology once again.


The bank is keen on developing a new NFC payment card with a built-in fingerprint scanner. The trial that begins along with 200 customers in mid-April, will allow its participants to make NFC or ‘contactless’ payments without needing to enter a PIN or offer a signature.


There will be no payment limit applicable when the fingerprint is used, while the standard limit is £30.


At the moment, anyone in the UK can make a contactless payment just by tapping their card on the terminal. Having this in mind, a £30 limit is applied to such payments for security purpose. For more expensive purchases, retailers ask you to place your card into the card reader and enter a PIN.


The fingerprint data won’t be that vulnerable, as it is stored locally on the card rather than in the bank’s database. After all, it is anyway much more secure compared to a PIN that someone could observe just by looking over when you enter it.


NatWest’s trial raise hopes for future transactions with no PIN numbers, no signatures, and no payment limits


Moreover, since bank cards are provided for free with a qualifying bank account, this scheme would possibly be more satisfying to people who can’t afford a modern smartphone for fingerprint transactions.

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