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WAYV Introduces Wearable Bike light System To Make Cycling Safer in Low Light

Development in technology will now be substantially used to improve road safety. London-based start-up, WAYV, introduced a smart wearable bike light falling into the category of wearable bicycle-safety lighting products.


The Wayv system incorporates a total of over 200 LEDs, which comes closely fitted over a harness and helmet adapter.


The harness and helmet unit both possess a large red X in the middle, which serves as a tail light.


The helmet adapter features a flashing indicator on each side of the bright red ‘X’ tail-light.


Further, a wireless remote is fixed onto the handlebars. The remote is used to activate the turn signals, users can flick a thumb lever either up or down to indicate left or right turns. It’s also a bit like automotive indicator controls, which people are used to from driving their cars.


By any chance, if riders lose track, an illuminated display shows which indicator is currently blinking.


To initially sync the system, there is an app which also allows users to turn the harness or helmet unit on or off, adjust their brightness, switch them between steady and flashing modes, and have a look at their battery levels.


Coming to the batteries, one USB charge should be enough for five days of use for the harness (at 30 minutes per day), one week of use for the helmet unit, and two weeks for the remote.


A complete system would cost you £75 (about US$98) in its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign on 11 march whereas the intended retail price is £140 ($182).


The technology aims to protect riders in low light when they are at their most vulnerable. The project is a perfect blend of safety and innovation.

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